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Jason and Denise have first hand experience of supporting those they work with. Collectively they have 36 years of teaching experience in a range of settings, schools and local authorities.  Their real passion is school and school improvement and they work with individuals, groups and schools to impart knowledge and help them to become even more successful through a rigorous process of self evaluation.  This has not only helped individuals become more successful leaders but improved the quality of provision in schools.

In 2009, Jason formed IMPART Education Ltd with fellow Headteacher, Denise Dalton and together they provide school improvement, governor support, training and consultancy across a variety of educational settings.

Both Denise and Jason have been recognised for their educational achievements.  In 2010 Denise met the Prime Minister for establishing one of the most improved schools in the country.  Similarly in 2011, Jason’s outstanding leadership qualities earned him the prestigious ‘Leadership in Education Award.'

Both Jason and Denise Team and Lead Inspections for OFSTED and currently, IMPART Education has extended internationally and is has successfully opened its own pre-school in Central Florida.   



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